Korean Air: LAX-to-Tokyo for Less Than $900 Roundtrip in February
Korean Air has been trying to burnish its image these days--if nothing else, those television commercials are stylish--but it still needs to fill its transpacific flights with some substantial discounts. If you can handle a coach ride between Los Angeles and Tokyo, Korean is pitching a terrific price: Just $873 roundtrip including all taxes and fees for midweek travel. Flights on Friday or Saturday will cost an extra $100. The caveat? The fare is only good for departures this month. But there are no blackout dates and just a four-day minimum stay. Return travel is permitted for three months after the date of departure. Information: the Hot Deal page.

Lufthansa: At Least We'll Detail Our Summer Business-Class Sale
It's still a mystery why the airlines are hiding their summer business-class sales to Europe under a proverbial rock, but at least now Lufthansa has posted a Web page detailing its offer. As we divined (see below), the departure period is June 29 to September 3 and you must buy tickets by May 31 with a 60-day advance purchase. But this year, Lufthansa disclosed, the return window is wide: from July 1 to December 3. In previous years, you usually were required to wrap up your travels by mid-September. Unfortunately, as we detailed below, prices are up substantially from last summer. The cheapest price seems to be $2,248 roundtrip between New York and Brussels. That includes all of the taxes and fees. Sample roundtrip fares from other Lufthansa gateways: $2,565 from Boston/Logan to Geneva; $2,629 from Chicago to Munich; $3,239 from Los Angeles to Frankfurt; and $3,348 from San Francisco to Paris. Information: the Great Summer Business Class page.

Best Western Rewards: Three Winter Stays Earn a Free Spring Night
Best Western Rewards is out with its first-quarter promotion and it's fairly rich compared to other hotel frequent-stay programs (see below). The BW offer: Complete three stays between February 6 and April 8 and you'll earn a voucher for a free night that can be redeemed until June 30. You must register for the promotion, of course, and you can only do that by logging into the Best Western Rewards site and clicking on the "Register for Special Offers" link. The promo code is Spring12.

Airlines: Good News and Bad About Spring/Summer Business-Class Sales
The good news? Many airlines are out with their Easter and Passover and summer business-class fares to Europe. The bad news? Fares are up again--up a substantial amount, in fact--and the deals are no longer no-brainer purchases. The prices are still fairly categorized as deep discounts, but not so low that you won't have to think about them before committing. And especially for the summer fares, they aren't so low that they are guaranteed to be the cheapest prices you'll see. Weak bookings might lead to some further reductions in coming weeks.
    The Easter/Passover sale is valid for departures between April 1 and April 13 and you can return between April 7 and April 18. You have until February 13 to buy, but the 60-day advance purchase requirement means you should book right away if you want the full range of departure dates. There's a Saturday-night stay and $400 change fee on the nonrefundable fares, which are standard for these types of fares. The booking class is Z. Prices start around $2,518 roundtrip (New York-Paris) inclusive of all taxes and fees. Other samples: $2,529 (New York-Munich) and $2,986 (Chicago-Dusseldorf). As usual, the sale was launched by the Star Alliance carriers, but has been matched by most SkyTeam and Oneworld carriers, too. The only public notices of the sale that I've seen so far appear on the Lufthansa and Swiss Web sites.
    The summer business-class sale is even further under the pricing radar and I haven't seen any airline put up a promotional page. The travel period this year is predictable: depart between June 29 and September 3. The purchase-by date, May 31, is the same as last year. You've got the standard $400 change fee, too. And, as usual, the Z-class fares seem to have originated with United and the Star Alliance, but they've already been matched by most competitors. Sample roundtrip prices, which include taxes and fees: $2,327 (Newark-Brussels); $2,359 (New York/JFK-Frankfurt); $2,512 (Chicago-Frankfurt); $2,823 (Chicago-Rome); and $3,103 (Los Angeles-Paris). Again this year, flights to the usually pricey Scandinavia seem to be the notable biggest bargain. I've seen fares as low as $2,345 roundtrip (Newark-Oslo) and $2,260 (Newark-Copenhagen). It looks like all gateways and all destinations between the United States and Europe are on sale, but a warning: Fares seem to be higher in August than in July and there are some days when prices soar above $4,000 roundtrip from the East Coast.
    The Nordic Summer Sale is absolutely worth noting here. Led by SAS, the business-class sale has a wider travel window (June 15-September 3) and there doesn't seem to be the May 31 end date for purchases. Prices are comparatively fantastic, too. From Newark, Washington/Dulles or Chicago, the roundtrip fare (including taxes and fees) is just $2,259 to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki or Oslo. If you want to use SAS' premium economy class, the fare is $1,599 roundtrip. Information: the SAS Summer Sale page.

Hotels: First Quarter Points Promotions? The Story So Far.
As major hotel groups gear up for the traditionally weak first quarter, details on their regular-as-clockwork quarterly points promotions are beginning to leak out. They are more complicated, and less rich, than those of previous years. That may mean that the chains are expecting improved travel conditions or that they are tone deaf to the signs of weakness in the business-travel community. You get to decide. Meanwhile, here's what we know so far:
    Hilton HHonors, already suffering from its stealth devaluation in the fourth quarter, isn't likely to win too many fans with its first quarter offer: From January 1 to March 31, HHonors members receive 1,000 bonus points per night. A two-night weekend stay (Thursday-Friday or Friday-Saturday) will receive 5,000 bonus points. In contrast, last year's first-quarter promo offered as much as quadruple points. One benefit this year: The bonuses are stackable, so it's possible to receive the 5,000-point weekend bonus and the 1,000-point bonus for each night. On the downside, there's a lengthy list of Hilton properties that won't offer the promotion. Registration is required, of course.
    Marriott Rewards is up to its usual Megabonus game: A public promotion that is superceded by private offers to members based on their travel pattern and elite status. The public offer is a free night in a lower-priced (Category 1-4) Marriott property after two stays between February 1 and April 30. According to travelers, private offers range from 25,000 points for 15 nights of stays to 50,000 points for 25 nights of stays. Registration is required and you should check your Marriott Rewards account for your special offer.
    Starwood Preferred Guest has slated its first quarter Better by the Night offer to run January 9 to April 8. Although you can't register until January 9, here's the offer: Double Starpoints on two-night stays and triple Starpoints for three-night stays. Only 750 of Starwood's more than 1,000 properties are playing, however, and no Starwood hotel in Asia is participating. Here are the other properties that won't honor the promotion.

Club Carlson: Triple Points Per Stay, But a Small Window of Opportunity
Give Club Carlson credit: Its first-quarter promotion of triple points for stays at Radisson, Country Inns, Park Plaza and Park Inn hotels is the richest of all this year's promotions so far. But nothing comes easy in business travel these days, so you'll have to accept that the trade-off for triple points is a truncated window of opportunity. Club Carlson's promotion ends on March 16 and didn't start until January 10. Which means triple points, but only for a two-month "quarter." And don't forget to register to earn the bounty.

Ritz-Carlton: Stay Twice, Get a Free Night. And We Won't Sniff Too Much.
Back in the day when Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons were actually somewhat exclusive, they used to sniff at discounting and promotions. But Ritz-Carlton is part of Marriott now and even has a frequent-guest program. So that means Ritz is discounting and promoting--and not sniffing too much. The current Ritz-Carlton promotion, via the Ritz-Carlton Rewards plan, is fairly simple: Complete two stays at a Ritz property between February 1 and April 15 and you'll receive a free night at one of its Tier 1-3 hotels. (That includes the vast majority of Ritz hotels and resorts, by the way.) A few hotels aren't playing in the promotion--notably Singapore and Montreal--but, otherwise, all you need do is register by March 1. You can earn as many as two free nights during the promotion. Information: the Twice the Experience page.

Priority Club Rewards: Double Points or Double Miles for Three Months
The first-quarter hotel bonus promotions have been lackluster and Priority Club Rewards, the frequency program of the InterContinental chain, won't be breaking away from the pack with its offer. From January 23 to April 30, the chain is offering double Priority Club points or double airline miles for each stay. You have to choose either/or when you register. (You can do that here.) And if you're a regular Priority Club player, you'll recognize this promotion: It was the same one that the chain used last summer. Information: the 2X More page.

Hyatt Gold Passport: The More You Stay, the More Bonuses You Earn
Whenever Hyatt doesn't unveil one of its legendary "faster free nights" promotions, Gold Passport members are going to grumble. So you probably won't be thrilled about Hyatt's first promotion of 2012, either. It's a tiered bonus scheme that rewards you with more bonus points the more frequently you stay and adds additional points if you're a Hyatt Card holder. The promotion runs from February 1 through April 30 and it works like this: Stay four nights and receive 4,000 bonus points. Stay eight nights and you'll get a total of 12,000 bonus points. Twelve nights get you 24,000 bonus points and 16 nights of stays get you 44,000 bonus points. You'll also receive 25 percent more points in each of the four tiers if you have a Hyatt Card. Register here

American AAdvantage: Three Airlines, Big Bonuses, High Fares, Second Chance
Now-bankrupt American Airlines is once again busily promoting its joint venture with IAG, the so-called International Airlines Group that is the parent firm of both British Airways and Iberia. So it is reviving its so-called AAdvantage Boost promotion launched last year. And if you can pay the fares--full economy, business or first--American is offering a lavish transatlantic bonus scheme until March 15. The first transatlantic roundtrip on any of the carriers earns 25,000 bonus AAdvantage miles. The second earns 35,000 miles. The third and all future roundtrips earn 45,000 miles. Better yet: There's no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn before the end of the promotion. The bonus is also available if you fly in BA's premium economy cabin, called World Traveller Plus. The only caveat? You must register and fly on the appropriate fares, which are clearly noted on the promotion's site. Information: the AAdvantage Boost page.

Marriott Rewards: 2,000 Miles Per Stay for Four Months
If you're into frequent flyer miles and don't care much about frequent guest points, Marriott Rewards has just the promotion for you: 2,000 bonus miles per stay between January 1 and April 30. You can collect the miles in any of more than two dozen airline programs, including Delta SkyMiles, United MileagePlus and US Airways Dividend Miles. You have to register in advance, of course, and choose miles as your designated earnings preference. The bonus miles kick in with the second stay and you can earn as many as 50,000 miles during the promotion period. Information: the MegaMiles page.

Virgin America: 20 Percent Off Select Fares for Winter and Spring Travel
Virgin America and Visa have teamed up to offer 20 percent off many Virgin fares. The cost? You have to give up your E-mail address. If you're interested in the trade, surf here, fill out the form and you'll get a code valid for 20 percent off select fares when you pay with a Visa card. The discount is valid for travel until February 29 and again from April 15 to June 15. The code will work on fare codes S, L, M, U, E, H, B, or V, which are all in the coach cabin. You can only use the discount once.

OpenSkies: The We're-Still-Relevant Business-Class Sale to Paris
OpenSkies has been slowly slouching toward oblivion now that it's down to one route, the Newark to Paris/Orly run. But the British Airways-owned carrier still offers a fine service in the back of its 757s: The BizSeat cabin that boasts 2x2 seating, 52 inches of legroom, good in-flight meals and club access on the ground. And to remind folks that it's still relevant, OpenSkies has revived a popular fare: $1,637 roundtip including taxes and fees. The price requires a Saturday-night stay, but that's not too onerous given the excellent price. You must purchase seats by February 7, but here's an extra perk: The travel window is open until June 30. Not every day in that period offers the promo price, of course, but there seems to be plenty of availability. And, you know, February, March, May and June are at least as good as, and sometimes better than, April in Paris. Information: the Celebrate 2012 page.

car Avis: Rent Twice, Earn a Free Day. Repeat Until Summer.
Just as National Car Rental is wrapping up its much-loved annual OneTwoFree promotion, which launched in August and ends on January 31, Avis Rent a Car is finally getting around to matching. But Avis, which calls its promotion Free to Get Away, has added a nice fillip: You can earn a free rental day after two rentals until June 30. Of course, there is a cap: You can only earn six free rental days during the long promotion. And don't be thinking about claiming your free days in New York, the nation's costliest rental market. Your paid rentals in New York count in the promotion, but the free days you earn cannot be used at New York's airports or any rental station in the New York Metro area. Other than that, the promotion is straightforward and you'll receive a certificate for a free night after every pair of two-day paid rentals you complete. All you have to do is register, which you can do here.

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